From A.Y. 2021-22 the University of Mumbai and State of Maharashtra has granted approval to start LL.M. Course with one division of 60 Students to B.C.T. College of Law, New Panvel. 

Dear Students/ alumni,

You are aware that University of Mumbai and State Government has granted permission to B.C.T. College of Law, New Panvel to start LL.M. Course from A.Y. 2021 – 22. This LL.M. Degree course shall be conducted as per the guidelines and directions given by the Mumbai University. I am sure that as the student of this college, you must be proud about the progress made by our college by achieving this milestone.  

I am forwarding herewith a link of google form. The object of this form is noted in the description of the said form. Spare few minutes to submit this form, as this will help us to know your opinion on certain issues.

On behalf of B.C.T. College of Law, I call upon you to consider our college for pursing master’s course in law. 

Kindly Note – this Google Form is not Admission form. For Admission, please visit the College personally with all documents.  


Dr. Mrs. Shitala S. Gavand

I/c. Principal,

B.C.T. College of Law, New Panvel

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