LL.M. Syllabus


Optional Groups Available in B. C. T. College of Law, New Panvel

1) Criminal Law and Criminal Administration
2) Business Law


A. Foundation Papers

  Paper I – Law and Social Transformation in India
  Paper II – Indian Constitutional Law: New Challenges
  Paper III – Judicial Process
  Paper IV – Legal Education and Research Methodology

B. Optional Groups

1. Criminal Law and Criminal Administration

   Paper I – Criminal Jurisprudence
   Paper II – Penal Laws
   Paper III – Criminology        
   Paper IV – Collective Violence and Criminal Justice System
  Paper V – Penology : Treatment of Offenders
  Paper VI – Forensic Science and Scientific Investigation of Crime

2. Business Law

   Paper I – Fundamental Principles of Law of Contract and Allied Laws
   Paper II – Global Trade Under World Trade Organisation
   Paper III – Corporate Law
   Paper IV – Law Relating to Customs and Foreign Exchange
   Paper V – Law of Insurance
   Paper VI – Banking Laws

C.  Dissertation and Choice Based Project work

The Fourth Semester shall be of : – Dissertation of 80 marks and Viva-voce of 20 marks (4 credits). – For the balance 100 marks, the students would have the choice to select the topic for their project from the topics listed in the syllabus of the group opted, which will have interdisciplinary approach. Out of 100 marks (4 credits), 50 marks (2 Credits) would be for the project and 50 marks (2 credits) for Viva-voce.
Topics for Choice Based Credits (Criminal Law)
  1. Law of defamation & Freedom of speech
  2. Study of Criminal behavior vis-à-vis increasing criminality
  3. Tackling Collective Violence vis-à-vis Innovative Policing Techniques.
  4. Ethical Issues & Medical Profession.
  5. Cyber Crimes & Remedies.
  6. Juvenile Justice System in India & Juvenile Psychology. Corruption Laws & Elections in India.
  7. White Collar Criminality & Corporate Crimes.
Topics for Choice based Credits (Business Law)
  1. Understanding and Assessment of Industrial Psychology
  2. C S R and Human Rights Education
  3. Right to Information Under Mercantile Legislations – Constitutional Perspective
  4. Securities Laws and Criminal Jurisprudence
  5. Growth and Development of A D R Under Environmental Legislations
  6. Property Laws and Rights of Consumers
  7. W T O and Indian Politics
  8. Information Technology and e-commerce –Emerging Legal Issues and Concern
  9. Corporate Law and Accounting Standards

Complete Syllabus