Attendance is compulsory at all tests, examinations and periods, including tutorials, seminars and moot court, etc. as per the College timetables. All function and events organized by the College must be attended by the students, without fail.

Every student shall ordinarily be allowed to keep terms for the given semester, only if he fulfills at least 75% of the attendance taken as an average of the total number of lectures, practicals, tutorials etc. Failing which the student shall not be allowed to appear in University Examination.

As per the Mumbai University Ordinances Nos. O-119, O-120 and O-125, a student in order to be eligible for keeping term must have completed, to the satisfaction of the Principal, the course of study for such a term for the class to which he belongs and if his attendance is 75% of the total number of working days.

The students must abide by all the rules and regulations regarding attendance in college, promulgated by Mumbai University and Bar Council of India.

Passing the Examination

To pass the examination the candidates must obtain minimum 45% marks in the examination of each subject. The students who secure less than 60% marks (aggregate) at the single sitting of examination shall be placed in Second Class and those who secure 60% or more marks at the single sitting of examination shall be placed in the First Class.

A candidate who clear the examination in more than one attempt shall be placed in passed class.

The candidates shall also be entitled to the benefit of allocable grace marks as per the University Regulations.

A candidate shall be declared “Passed” in the subjects Practical Training who has secured minimum 45% of the total marks in the respective papers of Practical Training.

N.B: The examination for the Practical Training shall be conducted by the College and passing in the said Practical Training examination shall be a Condition Precedent for appearing at the regular semester examination.

Eligibility for appearing in further semester:

A candidate, in order to be eligible for admission to the Third Semester, must have either passed in the First and Second semesters or should have received an exemption in at least four Papers of the First and Second semesters. Similar rule is applicable for the subsequent higher semesters.