Alumni Meet 2024

The Alumni Committee of Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law, New Panvel on 10th February, 2024 organise an Annual Alumni Meet in seminar hall, which was a delightful and nostalgic event. The event was organized by the college  aiming to strengthen the bond between the alumni and the current students. The programs was organised under the guidance of I/c Principal Mrs. Sanvi Deshmukh Ma’am by Asst. Prof. Anam Mehandikar.

The programe commenced with the National Anthem followed by the Maharashtra song. The session was taken further by Lamp Lightening ceremony with a flower tribute given to the esteemed founders late Shri Janardan Bhagat Saheb, Late Shri Changu Kana Thakur Saheb and late Matoshri Bhagubai Changu Thakur as a mark of respect and remembrance.

Further with a warm welcome by the Master of Ceremony, acknowledging the esteemed presence of alumni members, faculty, and current students. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as the event unfolded.

The welcome speech for Annual Alumni Meet given by Asst. Professor Mrs. Anam Mehandikar, Videos compiled from collected photos showcased the evolution of the college, capturing memorable moments from the past and highlighting the achievements of alumni. The hall echoed with laughter and nostalgia as faces from the past flashed across the screen.

The Alumni Association members Adv. Jay Pawnekar, Adv. Ravi Kasbe and Adv. Deepali Bohora were felicitated for their continuous support and efforts in fostering a strong connection between the alumni and the college. Their dedication to maintaining the bond was applauded by the audience, and a token of appreciation was presented to each member.

The spotlight then shifted to academic excellence as the college took the opportunity to felicitate the recent Ph.D. awardee Ms. Anuja Rane BLS LLB girl from the college.

The current students Nikil Gore 1st Year LLB, Rachita Jadhav 2nd year BLS LLB, Pranita Waghmare 1st Year BALLB and Disha Dhone 2nd year BLS LLB showcased their talents through a series of captivating performances. The stage came alive with a mesmerizing welcome dance, duet dance, solo singing, and mono acting. The vibrant performances reflected the diversity and proficiency of the students in various artistic forms.

Adding a unique touch to the event, several alumni students actively participated in showcasing their talents. Their performances served as an inspiration to the current students, illustrating the lifelong connection between the college and its graduates.

To foster camaraderie and create a lively atmosphere, interactive game were organized, involving alumni students. The games not only brought joy and laughter but also strengthened the sense of community among the attendees  from all the passout batch of college.

The highlight of the event was the heartfelt speeches delivered by alumni students Adv. Vinayak Koli, Adv. Deepali Bhora, Adv. Jay Pawnekar, Adv. Pervinder Kaur, Adv. Suyesh Bartakke, Adv. Chetan Bhoir, Adv. Anil Rajgur, Adv. Shridher Kawade and Adv. Shahikant Mali, sharing their experiences and emphasizing the importance of staying connected with the alma mater. Their words resonated with the audience, encouraging current students to value their time in college and maintain strong ties even after graduation.

Mrs. Anamika Joshi Miss, a 2nd year BLS LLB student and Samruddhi Tiwatne, a 5th year BLS LL.B. student, skilfully hosted the entire program.

The Alumni Meet in the College Seminar Hall concluded on a high note, leaving everyone with a sense of pride and nostalgia. The event successfully achieved its goal of fostering a stronger bond between the alumni and the current students, creating a bridge between the past and the future of the institution.

The success of the programe was also attributed to the dedication and active participation of the faculty members, student volunteers and the audience.

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