Bombay High Court Visit

The Excursion Committee has organized a Bombay High Court Visit for law students under the guidance of Mrs. Sanavi Deshmukh, in-charge principal of Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law, New Panvel dated on 04/01/24.

Final year students of 3years LLB and 5years BLSLLB course attended the visit. The purpose of the visit was to provide students with a practical understanding of court proceedings, exposure to legal history through a museum visit, and access to valuable legal resources in the court library. The students had the opportunity to observe live court proceedings in various courtrooms, witnessing legal arguments, case presentations, and the functioning of the justice system. This hands-on experience allowed them to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world application, enhancing their understanding of legal proceedings. The visit also included a trip to the Bombay High Court Museum, where students delved into the rich legal history of the region. Exhibits showcased significant legal milestones, historical artifacts, and the evolution of the judicial system. This museum experience provided context to their academic studies and fostered a deeper appreciation for the legal profession’s evolution over the years. The students explored the extensive resources available in the Bombay High Court library. Librarians guided them through legal databases, reference materials, and case law archives. This visit empowered students to enhance their research skills and exposed them to a wealth of legal knowledge that goes beyond classroom textbooks.

The Bombay High Court visit proved to be an invaluable educational experience for the law students. It bridged the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, offering a holistic understanding of the legal system. Conclusion: The Bombay High Court visit was a resounding success, providing law students with a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. Witnessing court proceedings, exploring the museum, and utilizing the library resources enriched the students’ perspectives, fostering a deeper passion for the field of law.


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