AIDS Awareness Week from 01st December to 7th December, 2023 at Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law, New Panvel

The Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law, New Panvel, in collaboration with the Health Centre Advisory Committee and NSS, successfully conducted the AIDS Awareness Week from 01st December to 7th December, 2023. The primary objective was to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention, understanding, and support within the college community.

Throughout the week, students actively participated in the “Red Cross Fit on Uniform” initiative, symbolizing solidarity in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The red cross on uniforms served as a visual representation of the collective responsibility to promote health and combat the stigma associated with HIV. This initiative not only created a sense of unity but also sparked conversations about the importance of HIV awareness.

A special ceremony took place on December 2, 2023, at 09:20 am in the college corridor, where students and faculty members collectively took the Anti-AIDS Oath. Led by Asst. Prof. Dhanashri Yogesh Kadam and NSS Program Officer Asst. Prof. Raghav Sharma, under the guidance of in charge principal Sanavi Deshmukh, the oath emphasized the commitment to promoting safe practices, dispelling myths, and supporting those affected by HIV/AIDS. The event was well-attended, showcasing the college community’s dedication to fostering a caring and informed environment.

The AIDS Awareness Week activities had a significant impact on the college community. The red cross initiative sparked conversations about HIV/AIDS, contributing to destigmatizing the disease. The Anti-AIDS Oath ceremony served as a powerful reminder of the collective responsibility to eliminate HIV/AIDS and create a supportive atmosphere for those affected.

The active participation of students and faculty members demonstrated a strong commitment to health, compassion, and solidarity. The college community’s collective efforts contributed to the global initiative to eliminate HIV/AIDS and showcased the institution’s dedication to social responsibility.

The AIDS Awareness Week at Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law was a resounding success, fostering a sense of responsibility, compassion, and solidarity within the college community. The activities undertaken during the week laid the foundation for continued efforts in promoting health awareness and combating HIV/AIDS stigma.

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