Para Legal Volunteer Training and Selection

The training session, conducted under the auspices of the District Legal Services Authority, Raigad, at the Alibagh District Court on 24/11/2023, played a pivotal role in shaping the capabilities of aspiring Para Legal Volunteers. This session provided participants with comprehensive insights into the multifaceted responsibilities and expectations associated with the role.

Training Highlights:

The training encompassed a broad spectrum, delving into legal procedures, community engagement, and the crucial significance of the Para Legal Volunteers in facilitating access to justice. Students underwent rigorous training sessions that aimed to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective community service.

List of Students Attending the Training:

  1. Anjum Deshmukh – LL.M. 2nd year
  2. Rajshri Bhujbal – LL.M. 1st year
  3. Sneha Salve – LL.M. 1st year
  4. Prashant Patekar – LL.B. 2nd year
  5. Bhuvaneshwari Naidu – LL.B. 2nd year

Selection of Para Legal Volunteers:

After careful consideration, Prashant Patekar and Bhuvaneshwari Naidu, both LL.B. 2nd year students, have been selected to serve as Para Legal Volunteers. Their selection is a testament to their dedication, academic proficiency, and demonstrated commitment to community service.

With the efforts of Assistant Professor Mrs. Dhanashri Kadam, Incharge of the Legal Aid Committee, under the guidance of the Incharge Principal Mrs. Sanavi Deshmukh, and with the assistance of Assistant Professor Sagar Devghare, the selected students were facilitated to attend the session in Alibagh.

The District Legal Services Authority, Raigad, extends appreciation to all students who participated in the training session, acknowledging their enthusiasm and dedication. The selected Para Legal Volunteers, Prashant Patekar and Bhuvaneshwari Naidu, are expected to play crucial roles in contributing to the community and upholding the values of justice.

This initiative aligns with the institution’s commitment to producing socially responsible legal professionals who actively engage in community service.

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