Online Quiz Competition in Celebration of Indian Constitution Day 2023

Our Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law celebrated Indian Constitution Day with enthusiasm, organized an online quiz competition on the occasion of adoption of the Constitution of India (National Law Day/Samvidhan Divas). The event aimed to promote constitutional awareness among students and foster a sense of pride in our democratic heritage.

The primary objective of the online quiz competition was to test the participants’ knowledge of the Indian Constitution, its historical background, and its significance in shaping the legal landscape of the country. Additionally, the event sought to engage students in a fun and educational activity that would enhance their understanding of constitutional principles.

Event Details:

Date and Time:

The online quiz competition took place on 26th November, 2023 from 10:00am to 5:00pm.


Total 117 Students/Participants enthusiastically participated in the competition.


The quiz comprised multiple-choice questions, covering various aspects of the Indian Constitution, including its preamble, fundamental rights, directive principles, amendments, and landmark legal cases. The format allowed for fair and efficient assessment of participants’ knowledge.

Technical Infrastructure:

The event was conducted on a user-friendly online platform, ensuring smooth navigation for participants. The college’s IT team provided technical support to address any issues that participants might have faced during the quiz. The evaluation process was transparent and fair, adhering to predetermined criteria.

E-Certificates:To motivate participants, the college offered E-Certificates for scoring minimum 50%.

The online quiz competition on Indian Constitution Day proved to be a resounding success, The event witnessed active participation from students across different disciplines, promoting interdisciplinary engagement and fostering a sense of unity. The use of online platforms for the quiz enhanced participants’ technological literacy, a valuable skill in the digital age. Participants expressed satisfaction with the event, citing its educational value and enjoyable format. The positive feedback indicates the success of the initiative in achieving its educational objectives.

The online quiz competition organized by our college on Indian Constitution Day was a commendable effort taken by Asst. Prof. Sagar S. Devghare, Asst. Prof. Aparajita Gupta, Ms. Janhavi Bhoir (Librarian) under the guidance of Mrs. Sanavi Deshmukh (I/C Principal) to celebrate the constitutional ethos of India. The success of the event underscores the importance of promoting constitutional awareness among students and fostering a deep appreciation for the principles that guide our democracy. Such initiatives contribute significantly to the holistic development of students and reinforce the college’s commitment to academic excellence and civic responsibility.

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