Special Lecture on Radio and Peace Marking National Broadcasting Day at Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law, New Panvel

In celebration of National Broadcasting Day, Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law, New Panvel, organized a special lecture on “Radio and Peace” under the guidance of Dhanashri Yogesh Kadam, I/C Principal . The program was organized by the IQAC Committee of the college and led by Assistant Professor Himanshu More.
The event saw a gathering of eminent personalities from the field of academia, including Assistant Professor Ravnish Bector, Dr. Mamta Goswami, Aparajita Gupta, Bhagyshri Kamble, Raghav Sharma, Sagar Devghare, Dr. Kranti Bhovte, Anam Mehandikar, and Bindiya Khan. The lecture was open to all students pursuing BLS LL.B and LL.B courses at the college.
Sandeep Singh the student of LLB final Year emphasized the historical significance of National Broadcasting Day, which commemorates the first-ever radio broadcast in India by the Indian Broadcasting Company on 23rd July 1927.
The esteemed speakers Mr. Vishwrath Nayar shed light on the vital role of radio in promoting peace and harmony within society. He highlighted the impact of radio as a powerful medium for disseminating information, education, and entertainment while fostering a culture of peace and understanding. The participants engaged in discussions about the potential of radio as a tool for social change, conflict resolution, and bridging gaps between diverse communities.
Assistant Professor Himanshu More, as the organizer of the event, expressed his gratitude to the IQAC Committee and all attendees for their enthusiastic participation in making the lecture a success.
The special lecture on “Radio and Peace” provided a platform for students and faculty members to gain valuable insights into the significance of radio broadcasting in promoting peace and its influence on the dissemination of unbiased information.
The event hosted by Prerna Gaikwad. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Sahil more, Student of LLB final Year. to all the dignitaries and participants for their active involvement in celebrating National Broadcasting Day and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and understanding.

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