DLLE Project Orientation Program by Dr. B. S. Patil, held at B. C. Thakur College of Law

JBSPS’s Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law, in collaboration with Changu Kana Thakur Arts, Commerce, and Science College, concerted and organized a special session on DLLE Project Orientation Program by Dr. B. S. Patil, on 14th December 2022. The session witnessed a massive participation of more than hundred DLLE students of B. C. Thakur College, along with the faculty members.


The Department of Lifelong Learning and Extension (DLLE) was established under the aegis of University of Mumbai, on 12th October 1978, to promote a meaningful and sustained rapport between the Universities and the community. Through the various extension project works and schemes covering social issues, DLLE offers enduring educational opportunities to the degree college students, by providing them various platforms to excel, and to to sensitize them with socio-cultural responsibilities, and to inculcate highest values of life and understand grounded realities of society.


This academic year, under the astute leadership and guidance of the In-Charge Principal, Mrs. Dhanashri Kadam, and the apt charge of the DLLE Coordinator, Dr. Mamta Goswami, B. C. Thakur College of Law is poised to take a renewed fervour in DLLE extension projects, leading to a record-breaking students participation of more than 200 enrolments, from the college itself for the current academic year alone. This refreshed zeal is being diligently supported by the Student Managers Ms. Saloni Raje, Mr. Rohit Banerjee, Ms. Poonam Chavan, and Mr. Deepak Kamble. Incidentally, Changu Kana Thakur Arts, Commerce, and Science College also happens to be one of the “Host” Colleges for the DLLE events this year.


Having just participated in the second term DLLE training by the University of Mumbai on 5th December 2022, B. C. Thakur College of Law enabled the newly-enrolled DLLE students to get an in-depth and customised training, undertaken by none other than Dr. B. S. Patil, who is a DLLE veteran with multiple award-winning DLLE extension projects under his belt. The session was convened at around 12.45 PM, with the felicitation of Dr. B. S. Patil by  the In-Charge Principal, Mrs. Dhanashri Kadam and the DLLE Coordinator, Dr. Mamta Goswami. Mr. Rohit Banerjee, an ex-student of Dr. Patil himself, gave an impassioned introduction of the speaker, and elaborated the meaning of DLLE.


Dr. Patil, who is now one of the appointed Field Coordinators of University of Mumbai for the DLLE Extension Projects, prelected and spoke extensively on the purpose and outcomes of the selected “Status of Woman in Society”, and “Industry Orientation” DLLE project work. He also elucidated the various project activities that may be easily integrated with the upcoming DLLE UDAAN festival as well. The DLLE students in attendance were immersed in rapt attention and felt quite inspired by the enlightening insights of the session. Towards the end, Mr. Vijay More, Class Student Representative of Second Year LL.B., presented a gracious vote of thanks, on behalf of the JBSP Sanstha, and the  B. C. Thakur College of Law.

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