Bhagubai Changu Thakur College of Law, New Panvel had organized Jail Visit for the students of College. The Students visited Thane Central Jail, which is one of the oldest Jail in India on 19th April 2019.

Under the instruction of Shri. Vaychal Saheb, Superintendent, Thana Central Prison, Shri. Sadaphule Saheb, Deputy Superintendent, Thane Central Jail and Shri. Subhash Sonawane, Jailor, Thane Central Jail made appropriate arraignments for this Jail Visit. Dr. Mrs. Shitala Gavand, I/c. Principal obtained necessary permissions for this visit and she also accompanied the students during this visit.

Initially, it was known as Thane Killa or Hirkot Fort. During the Freedom Struggle of India, this fort was used as a Jail by British. Many well-known Freedom Fighters were imprisoned in this jail. A few of them were hanged in this jail – including Chaphekar Brother & Mahadev Ranade – for killing W C Rand. 

The supreme sacrifice of Anant Kanhere, Krishnaji Karve & Vinayak Deshpande is a glorious chapter in the history of Indian Freedom Struggle. Three of them were hanged till death in Thane Central Jail on 19th April 1910 for the alleged murder of British Officer Mr. Jackson, the District Collector of Nashik. During this jail visit, the students of Law College paid tribute to three of them in Thane Jail. Mrs. Bharati Joshi, Ex. History Teacher of Dnyansadhana Vidyalaya, Thane gave valuable information of these freedom fighters in Freedom Struggle of India.  

More than 100 students attended this Jail visit and students visited the jail in two batches, girls and boys. Shri. Namdeo Sabale, Jailor, Gr. II, Thane Central Jail accompanied the students and gave very valuable information.  The students were given information about the daily schedule of the Jail and steps taken in respect of food, facilities and health care provided to the prisoners. The information was also given as to how the prisoners are received in the Jail from the various Courts when under trial prisoners are remanded to magisterial custody and accused who are convicted by the Criminal Courts. The students were given information about barracks where prisoners are lodged and they were also informed about the various activities/works which are assigned to the prisoners. The students were shown the various factories situated in jail viz. woodwork, manufacturing of cloth for Prisoners, bakery, Floor Mill, etc. The students were also informed as to how the undertrial prisoners are taken to various courts for attending dates. Inspite of being a holiday the students attended this jail visit in large number.

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